Starbucks Reserve: Exotic, rare, and exquisite coffees now in the Philippines

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Starbucks Philippines has recently launched a special line of coffees that will sure pique the interest of every coffee connoisseur in the country: the Starbucks Reserve. This category of exotic, rare, exquisite, and ultra-premium coffees represents the brand’s coffee perfection and passion.

Here are the coffees in the Starbucks Reserve line that are now available in the Philippines:

Starbucks Reserve coffees
Clockwise, from top left: Starbucks Reserve Finca Nuevo Mexico, Sumatra Blue Batak, Zambia Peaberry Terranova Estate, and Sun-dried Ethiopia Yirgacheffe

The Finca Nuevo Mexico is made from coffee that has been grown in Mexico’s Sierra Madre de Chiapas mountain range. The resulting flavor of this coffee is candied citrus and brown sugar — toasty and aromatic.

Sumatra Blue Batak is grown on the southern shores of Lake Toba in Sumatra. This coffee has a deep syrupy body and sweet herbal notes, giving a bold, smooth, and earthy flavor with each sip.

Sun-dried Ethiopia Yirgacheffe boasts coffee beans that have been grown 6,000 feet above sea level. The perfect blend of sun, air, and soil, plus the ripe berries surrounding the raised beds where the beans are dried, helps create the juicy burst of berry this coffee exudes.

Zambia Peaberry Terranova Estate features small peaberry beans that have been cultivated in rich soil 4,000 above sea level. They are roasted to provide a medium body and acidity, with notes of apple and vanilla.

These Starbucks Reserve coffees are available in limited quantities. Currently, they are brewing in the Starbucks Reserve Tomas Morato and 8 Forbes Town branches. They will also be made available in these soon-to-open Starbucks Reserve stores: Keyland Centre, Central Square, and Signa.

Have a taste of the rare and exquisite — get a Starbucks Reserve coffee today.

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