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UPDATE! As of December 27, 2018, my original domain and hosting provider, announced that they will be ceasing operations at the end of 2018. I have now migrated to their recommended platform,, which is also from Pangalan’s mother company, GMO Internet Group based in Japan. is a global internet solutions provider offering its services to users in countries like Singapore, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Australia, USA, and UK. Learn more about here.


I bet you’ve been reading a lot of blogs and now, you’ve been inspired to start your blog, your own personal space in the world wide web.

That’s great!

But now, you’re probably wondering where to begin.

I had that problem once. And I was fortunate to have found so many resources in starting one, especially about building a dot-com blog.

Now, I am paying it forward by helping you how to start your own blog.



1. First, pick a topic you want to talk about or a niche you want to focus on. It helps if that topic or niche is one you’re interested in even offline. It can be fashion, photography, food, parenting — anything that you feel you can showcase to the world.

You can cover a mix of related topics like fashion and lifestyle, or food and family. I would suggest, though, to not go over 3 topics or niches that are too unrelated.


2. After settling on a topic or niche, pick a nice and catchy name for your blog. This name will also be the basis of your domain name or the “” that you should purchase.

There are a lot of domain sites you can buy from, but for Filipinos like me based in the Philippines, I’d recommend I found them as a reputable domain provider. I’ve posted about them before; you can read about the reason why I chose as the place to buy my domain name.

**NOTE: Starting 2019, I am purchasing my domain from


3. Once you have a domain name, you can already choose your web hosting provider. Basically the web host is your online real estate, so best to choose a reputable and reliable provider. There are a lot of web hosting providers out there; most WordPress users would go with Bluehost. As for me, I went (again) with The above link also details why I chose them for web hosting, but to make the long story short, they have affordable monthly fees for bloggers like me. In fact, their cheapest is at Php 150 per month only! 🙂

**NOTE: Starting 2019, I am purchasing my hosting from They have great plans for upstarts and businesses.


4. Now you have domain and hosting, you can now choose your blogging platform. I find WordPress to be very user-friendly, plus they have a lot of useful plugins (one of which is Yoast for SEO, which I love-love-love).

If you decide to not purchase your own domain and web hosting, you can go for the free platforms like Blogger and But if you plan to monetize your site, I would suggest going dot-com early on than do the tedious task of migrating your site, like what I did.


5. You’re almost set! All you have to do now is pick a theme or template for your blog. You can pick free themes or purchase premium themes that you can better customize. CreativeMarket is among those sites that have a wide selection of premium themes you can choose from. As for me, I’m using the Elisa Theme from EasyBlog Themes. I like the fact that it’s very customizable. EasyBlog’s premium themes have a lot of features and superb customization. And you only pay a one-time fee of USD 25 for using their themes. They’re also offering all 41 premium themes on their site for USD 79 annual fee.

Premium Blog WordPress Themes - EasyBlog Themes



I hope I was able to help you start your blog. Now, just let those words and pictures flow. Let me know your blog links so I can visit! 🙂


*This post contains affiliate links that let me earn when you purchase through those clicks. No worries if you don’t; my intention here is to share tips on how you can start your own blog.


  1. Tina Siuagan

    I’ve always wanted to take my blog(s) to the next level by availing of web hosting and domains. However, I really don’t have an idea which of the myriad of brands on the internet to choose from. I want a company whose customer support may be accessible anytime — in Philippine time — and whose price range is reasonable.

    The looks promising. I’ll take a look at it, Ma’am. Thank you for sharing.

    Warm regards,


    2 years ago
    • Michelle

      Hi, Tina! Thanks for dropping by and really sorry for the late reply. With regards to hosting and domains, there are lots of options to choose from. Web developer friends go for GoDaddy because the packages are quite cheap. As for me, I went for because 1) I had for my previous hosting provider (basically they’re one and the same, they’re owned by the same company in Japan) because I got a preview of the company and their services right before I went self-hosted; and 2) their support is based locally (office is in Makati). Support, though, is during office hours only. But so far, they have been responsive when I have questions and have downtime issues, which are few and far between.

      I encourage you to check out. You will have a bit of an investment if you choose to go self-hosted but I think it’s worth it. Good luck, Tina! 🙂

      2 years ago
      • Tina Siuagan

        This is very helpful. I checked out their site and they have reasonable packages to choose from.

        I never thought setting up a self-hosted website/blog could be daunting. I read from some articles that you have to start over again and be on Does hosting allow that?

        2 years ago
      • Tina Siuagan

        I see. Thank you so much for this tip.

        I never thought setting up a self-hosted site could be a little daunting. Some of the articles I’ve read mention about setting up your blog on a “”. Does’s hosting allow that, in case I choose them?

        Thanks a lot!

        2 years ago
        • Michelle

          Hi, Tina! Sorry for replying late. You can migrate your content from your free blog to (the self-hosted, dot-com website you’re going to make). Basically it’s exporting all content from your existing blog and importing it on You can actually do it on your own and then ask support from if ever you encounter a few issues. I actually wrote about how I migrated from my free blog to my dot-com site on

          A good resource to learn how to migrate your WordPress blog is That was my go-to resource for everything about working around WordPress.

          Let me know if there’s anything else I can help you with. 🙂

          2 years ago

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