Still sick

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…every morning. I can’t wait until this morning sickness disappears.

My mom says I just have to wait a few weeks more. Hopefully by January this is gone already.

Sometimes I think it’s already psychosomatic. Like it’s all in my head. See, i just imagine the smell of the Jolly Jeep near our office, I barf.

Except that today, lunchtime, it wasn’t. Damn, I hate our pantry. No exhaust fan or ventilation whatsoever (except for the airconditioning, which doesn’t help). I ran to the comfort room and barfed until my insides couldn’t take it. And take note, there wasn’t anything to barf: I was hungry and barfing. Not a good feeling.

Well, the pregnancy calendar says that it won’t be long. I’m entering my 10th week, so the placenta’s almost in place. When that’s through, the hormones will go back to almost normal and I won’t have to feel the morning sickness.

Until then, finding a mint candy is my quest for the day.

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