Ramen Chow-down: Tan Tan Men and Ramen Kuroda

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Ever since hubby and I got together, I’ve learned to like the food he likes. And that includes noodles. Mami, ramen, ramyeon–as long as it’s noodles, he’ll have it.

And this is why my post is all about ramen. In particular, those I’ve eaten at the past couple of weeks. While I’ve dined at Ramen Nagi Galleria, Ukokkei in Megamall, and the now-closed Taisho Ramen in Light Mall, I’m going to write about the 2 ramen places I’ve recently tried: Tan Tan Men House in Makati and Ramen Kuroda in Mandaluyong.

Again, photography fail, so I’ll just be posting pics of the dishes.

First up: Tan Tan Men House.

Located at the corner of Castro and Dela Rosa Streets in Makati City, this small Japanese restaurant attracts many of the working class holed up in Legaspi Village because of its relatively affordable dishes. Their house special, the Tan Tan Men, costs only Php 150!

Tan Tan Men House Makati
Grabbed from my friend’s IG, hehe! Tan Tan Men: ramen noodles, ground pork, peanut sauce, tonkotsu sauce, and Taiwan pechay.

Compared to other noodle houses, theirs is on the budget-friendly side. But you’ll be surprised that for the price, you get more than what you pay for. The ramen tastes good (it’s got a little spice) and the serving is big enough to make you feel full.

Tan Tan Men also has rice meals and gyoza, and they’re pretty affordable, too.

I guess the only downside of the place is that it’s pretty small. It can serve a limited number of customers at a time. I recommend that, when planning to eat at Tan Tan Men, opt for an early lunch or dinner.

Also, I can sense that the place is kinda old. The interiors and furnishings need updating. But hey, if you’re here just for the ramen, you probably wouldn’t mind a bit.

Next: Ramen Kuroda.

This restaurant is located at the TV5 Building along Sheridan Street in Mandaluyong City. Hubby and I ended up dining here because the restaurant we wanted to eat (Samgyeupsalamat) at was filled with customers. Well, it was a payday Friday and everyone wanted to treat themselves after a long and hectic week so it wasn’t any wonder.

Ramen Kuroda happened to be beside the resto we eyed first. There were customers waiting for their turn but a lot fewer than the other one. And they had a promo that night: unlimited noodles. Woot! We decided to give Ramen Kuroda a try.

While waiting, the waitress asked us for our orders in advance so that they can serve it immediately once we get seated.

After a few minutes, we got seated and had our food. I got the Shiro Ramen, which is their basic ramen. Hubby had Kuro Ramen, which had black garlic in it.

Ramen Kuroda
Shiro Ramen at the foreground, Kuro Ramen at the back

Both our dishes cost Php 180 each. But the best part was that we got to take advantage of their unli-noodles that night. Just noodles, broth wasn’t refillable. We had to resist the urge of finishing up the broth before we got our noodle refill, LOL!

Taste and servings met our standards (yeah, we love cheap eats, haha!). And because it was unli-noodle night, we felt stuffed after eating. Sulit! Although I had a hard time walking after eating dinner, LOL!

Oh, and they also have side dishes and bento meals. But we opted for the unli-noodles, because why not? 😀

So which did I like more? Hard to say. The one I ordered at Tan Tan Men was already a bit spicy whereas that in Ramen Kuroda had the basic bone broth. But both tasted really good. And for a price that’s less than Php 200, they’re a steal.

I guess the only factor to consider would be the location. Tan Tan Men is in the busier side of Makati, quite easy to get there by foot when you work within the area. Ramen Kuroda, while being newer than Tan Tan Men, is in a not-so-walkable location. But it’s accessible by car or tricycle, though, so there’s always means to get there.

Will I be back? I sure would. Relatively cheap eats that don’t scrimp on servings and taste are right up my alley. 😀 If I want some ramen fix, Tan Tan Men and Ramen Kuroda would be on top of my list. Go give it a try, too!

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