Tarrrraaaay! (to borrow an actress’ Tweet)

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A colleague of mine asked if a common friend of ours was mataray or obnoxious, as Google Translate puts it. I told him not really, except when she’s pissed at clients and some people. I asked him why he asked, and he said he wonders if being obnoxious was a common trait of horizontally-challenged people.

I just told him it’s a sort of defense mechanism.

Well, sometimes it’s true. I once had an officemate who was more petite that I am (yes, I refuse to use the word short) and who was very mataray. And she’s not the only horizontally-challenged person I know who’s like that.

Heck, even I can be mataray at times. My mom is, too. And we’re both petite. So I guess it is a common trait for people like us.

Is it a defense mechanism? Probably. Maybe because we’re petite, we think taller people would just throw their weight on us. You know, maybe do something that’s like a scene from a slapstick comedy. So I guess just to scare them off a bit, the mataray self comes out.

But hey, ask my mom and she’ll tell you I’ve been mataray even before I stepped in kindergarten. Heck, I’ve actually mellowed as I grew older. And I don’t see being mataray as my defense mechanism. It’s natural — it’s actually hereditary, in my case. I got it from my mom. 😛

But like I said, I’ve mellowed down. So to those who think I’m pretty much a b!tch, well, you really don’t know me yet. I’m actually one of the nicest persons you’ll meet on earth (haha!).

Get to know me and treat me to a cup of coffee. Don’t worry, I don’t bite.


  1. Yam Yam

    haha! tara!!! i’ll take you up on that coffee break… but then i don’t drink coffee… another thing, i’m not horizontally challenged coz i’m 5’7″ tall… ok lang ba? 😀

    and yes, i’m also mataray, to those who deserve it… 😉

    11 years ago
  2. moonchild117

    hahaha! that’s okay, we’ll just have any of those non-caffeine drinks. 😛

    11 years ago

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