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Ted Failon: from news anchor to newsmaker

What happens when the one who gives you the news on a daily basis becomes the news himself?

Last night, I learned (from the rival news station no less) that Ted Failon was questioned for the shooting incident that has left his wife in a critical stage as of this writing. The TV on the bus had a lousy reception, so I had to resort to the Net for information on this issue.

Putting up a few helpful links for you guys here: Ted Failon brought to police headquarters Ted Failon’s wife shot in the head, in critical condition Failon: Financial woe behind shooting incident
–> watch the videos Failon: “I don’t have to defend myself” Ted Failon’s wife ‘fighting for her life’

Alleged inconsistencies in Failon’s and the maids’ statements, the weird note left behind, and the gunshot entry point vis-a-vis the position of the gun when the victim was found make this incident somewhat odd for me.

Not to mention the incapacity of the police to profile the crime scene even with missing evidence is weirding me out. If you’re a fan of CSI, you know what I mean…

But I digress.

What’s your take?


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