The accident

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I thought it wouldn’t happen, but it did.

Zee fell off the bed last night.

Hubby was in the living room, testing his new DVDs. I was supposed to go to bed beside Zee, but then I got up and put something on the shelf nearby. I stood up. Then a “thud.” I looked and there was Zee on the floor, crying.

We carried her and cuddled her, and I suggested that we go to the nearby hospital (a tricycle drive away). She was given a skull X-ray, and after a while we told her the results were okay. We just have to observe her for 24 hours if in case she gets a fever, vomits, or feels drowsy and irritable. If so, we’ll bring her for another checkup.

So far, she’s back to her jolly self (actually since last night, with the exception of the X-ray episode — I think she hates lying on a hard surface and someone holding her jaws) and when we left for work this morning, she was in a playful mood.

My mom said that despite the fall, she was okay because her guardian angel caught her. She just got surprised, so she cried.

I believe that. I believe that all babies have guardian angels that protect them from harm. I thank her guardian angel and God that Zee’s fine now.


On a lighter note, I bought a new toy for Zee. Since she likes the sound of plastic, we bought her the Black, White, and Sometimes Red book from Read and Play. Here it is:

It just has four pages, each has a picture of an animal, and each page sounds like plastic when you crumple it. She enjoys it from time to time. But I guess she likes rolling on the bed and lying on her chest more.


  1. Mrs. Kolca

    true! babies have guardian angels and they catch them when they fall 😀 i believe that also..

    12 years ago
  2. Miss Guimba

    Hello! I’m glad nothing bad had happened to your baby. Don’t worry, kids are amazingly resilient creatures. And love the book!

    12 years ago
  3. jenie=)

    thanks for linking at-a-blink too…i see my 3 linked here already and i really appreciate that. hope you enjoy reading.

    you might enjoy earthy me as well. see you around, friend.

    as for this post…it has always been a precaution on my part to put railings in my kiddos bed. some may say i’m much too careful, but well, yes im afraid for her to get hurt. so after her crib, i just got to buy her a toddler bed than letting her sleep on my bed. she sleeps mighty aggressive, hehe. so, im glad to hear that your baby is okay.

    so…till next post;)

    12 years ago
  4. Melita

    Whew, glad Zee’s okay and back to her jolly self.

    12 years ago
  5. kris

    joey fell off the bed twice, when he was six months old and again when he was i think eight months old. i think all babies go through that experience. me, i fell off the stairs of our house (from the 2nd floor ha) when I was one year old, good thing my mom caught my foot before i hit the floor otherwise, wala na ako sguro. hehehe. 🙂

    glad zee’s okay.

    12 years ago

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