The aftermath of Yolanda

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Central Visayas is still the headlines of not only the local news channels but also international news agencies like BBC and CNN. The damage and destruction of Yolanda are also still the topics that flood our social media accounts.

It’s not easy to read these stories, albeit there have been a few inspiring ones like the soldier who was able to rescue himself and a 7-year-old-boy, a family who has learned through social media that their mother was alive, and people from all over the world giving aid in any way they can.

But there still are some reports that are sickening in the stomach like how relief has not yet been given to a lot of the victims. And that’s already Anderson Cooper and the international media telling us that.

There are also news reports of politicking amid the tragedy. Angles of political revenge and ambition, the blame game. The looting. Hunger, injury, illness, and despair that can lead to more deaths.

It’s so sad that instead of focusing all energies to giving immediate help, time is wasted bickering against perceived political enemies, blaming victims for being unprepared, posing a defensive stance against negative reports, and pointing fingers at who should do something.

While all the donations and aid are gathering dust and rotting in warehouses.

How about let’s set all enmity aside first?

These people — our fellowmen — are in dire need of care. Let’s not make it hard for them to recover from the traumatic events of last week.

How about we all act NOW and make sure help reaches those who need it?

I’m calling you out, Philippine Government.


For those who still want to help our kababayans in Leyte, Samar, Aklan, and Palawan, here’s a post containing links of agencies you can contact for your donations: How to help victims of Typhoon Yolanda

Also, let’s focus not only on Tacloban but its surrounding areas, like provinces like Samar and Palawan (Coron also needs help), as well.

It’s bayanihan time, everyone.

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