The anxiety attacks…

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I’m on my 6th month of pregnancy now and suddenly I’m getting nervous.

For one, I’m scared of the pain I would have to go through. I have a low threshold for pain.

Second, I’ve been reading forums about pregnancies and giving birth, including hospital costs and government benefit matters. The hospital where I will give birth to is one of the most expensive hospitals in Manila. C-section births cost more than Php140K. Damn, that’s almost what we spent for our wedding. And the problem is that we haven’t reached that much amount for our savings yet. Not to mention the 20% decrease of monthly salary the company I’m working for has mandated. And the worst part of it? Our company does not have maternity benefits. WTF?!

I haven’t updated my PhilHealth yet as I have to get the necessary NSO-certified papers, which will cost me about a thousand pesos.

I’m really hoping that first, I’ll undergo a normal birthing procedure, and second, that all my worries (especially those related to finance) will soon come to end.

Right now, I’m keeping myself happy with baby’s rolling, tumbling and bumping inside my tummy, and the thought that hubby and I will be knowing soon if this one’s a he or a she.


  1. tin-tin

    ayusin mo philhealth mo. that could really help.

    lapit na 🙂

    13 years ago
    • moonchild117

      will do, will do. 😀

      13 years ago

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