The baby is now all grown up

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Well, not quite.

I guess moms tend to exaggerate things. This is one of them.

Getting ready for her first day of summer school.
Getting ready for her first day of summer school.

I’ve actually kind of been putting off this fact, that my daughter’s growing up — and fast. Next thing I knew, I was enrolling her for summer school. Probably in a few weeks, hubby and I will be paying her tuition for regular schooling.

Truth to tell, I’m more anxious of my kid going to school than she is. But when I left her inside the classroom with the other kids and the teachers, she seemed well-behaved. Only time she complained was 30 minutes before the end of the session. She went out of the classroom and told me, “Tapos na ako.” I think she got bored with the video they let the kids watch. Good thing I was able to convince her to go back inside.

Overall, I think she enjoyed the first day. She got 4 stars stamped on her arms today. Good job, baby! And she seems keen on going back tomorrow.

Only gripe is that summer school would probably mean daily trips to the nearby Jollibee. Good luck on my budget.

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