The big day

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My apologies for being away for so long. That’s because…

I gave birth last June 27. Yes, I am officially a mom.

A day before that, I wasn’t feeling anything weird, except for a really itchy throat that gave me a nasty cough the whole day. 2AM of June 27, I suddenly had a fever. My husband was very worried that he called my parents and the three of them decided to take me to Medical City.

I was given paracetamol in the ER. A little while after that, they wheeled me in — to my surprise — the Pre-Labor Room (I thought, why are they taking me here? I just have a fever…). They strapped me into something, and after an IE, the resident doctor told me that I was to be admitted because I was 3cm dilated. What the?!

I informed them that I was to give birth in Medical Center Manila, as arranged with my OB, so I was transferred, and there the adventure starts.

After changing into the hospital gown, they wheeled me into the Labor Room, where the resident doctors and nurses were taking note of my contractions manually (someone else was using the monitor thingy). Believe it or not, I did not feel any pain until the contractions were already strong. Was there for six hours… and then my OB told me that because the baby’s head was facing up and she wasn’t going down, I was to have a CS.

Great, two of the things I hated were punctures and incisions. I had to experience both in one day.

The operation went pretty fast. Either that or I was too groggy and was feeling chilly to take note of the time. Then I heard a whimper and then a shrill cry.

Anna Zafina was born at 12:27PM. She weighed 3.05kg.

Anna Zafina says "Beh!"

Everything seemed okay at first, until we learned that she was jaundiced and had to undergo phototherapy (she was exposed to UV light for 40 hours, blindfolded and stripped down to her nappies). That was pretty traumatic, not only for her but for hubby and me as well. Good thing that she was declared okay after that.

So after six days in the hospital, Zee, hubby, my dad and I went home.

Fast forward to today… it’s been a really crazy three weeks. Maybe because this first-time mom doesn’t know much about being, well, a mom. Plus Zee’s getting really demanding these days. Good thing my parents are here to help me out.

This is the most hectic leave I’ve ever experienced in my whole life. Nevertheless, it’s an adventure worth taking.

So now, I’m logging off for a while until things normalize.

As if. 😀


  1. Golden

    Wow, this post reminded me of the day when I gave birth to Jamjam. I too didn’t feel any pain until I started having the contractions, which was 3 hours before I gave birth.

    My baby was also diagnosed with jaundice 2 days after her birth. She didn’t undergo any phototherapy as the doctors told us that it wouldn’t be necessary (probably the jaundice was just mild). Good thing that the jaundice disappeared by itself after a week.

    Your baby is so beautiful! Warms my heart…

    13 years ago
  2. mai-mai

    what a cute cute baby…congratulations!

    13 years ago
  3. Badet

    Congratulations! That was a difficult experience but good thing you and your baby is fine now.

    13 years ago
  4. Janelle

    what a gorgeous baby! congratulations!!!

    13 years ago
  5. U.Pink

    ei, what a cute baby you have! congrats 😀

    13 years ago
  6. Gmirage

    almost 1 month na pala! sayang 27 kami bumalik dito…di ka namin nakita…Congratulations!

    13 years ago
  7. MommyCow

    WOW! congratulations on the cute newborn!

    Miss ko na ang amoy ng infant, I guess yun nakaka-miss talaga as a mom when a baby’s around 🙂

    Enjoy your new baby! Mine’s big na, he’s five and amoy pawis na! 😀

    13 years ago
  8. melita

    OMIGOD, OMIGOD, OMIGOD! She’s beautiful! Congrats!!!

    13 years ago
  9. PInay in Dutchland

    congratulations, ang cute ng baby mo

    13 years ago
  10. djong

    tingnan mo naman, nandidila na agad! 😀 she’s adorable, dompy! hope i get to brainwash, err, play with her soon!

    go super mommy!

    13 years ago
  11. rj's mama

    congratulations, your baby anna is so beautiful

    13 years ago
  12. Shina

    hey mommy domps.. waah natakot naman ako sa post mo parang nakakatakot ilabas si baby ko.. cute cute ni zee, little dompy? hehehe.. miss you!

    13 years ago
  13. jenie=)

    welcome to the “puyatan” world=) hehehe

    congratulations! hope you can visit and link me back, “mommy”! =)

    13 years ago
  14. starvillanueva

    Soooo Cute naman ng baby mo sis =)

    13 years ago

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