The epic “May Powers Ka To Be #SuperEpic” — a book review

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Let me say this disclaimer: to be honest, the last time I’ve done a book review was eons ago. Okay, so maybe it was more of a book report (so high school — now you have and idea). But today, I’ll be doing a book review, and hopefully you’ll find it worth reading.

May Powers Ka To Be #SuperEpic
Just read: May Powers Ka To Be #SuperEpic by Mighty Rasing

The book in focus is entitled May Powers Ka To Be #SuperEpic, written by Mighty Rasing and published via OMF Literature. The author is the blogger behind and, and producer of the Happy Yuppie Podcast. He co-hosts the radio program Family Matters aired at 702 DZAS. Mighty is also part of the youth ministry of the United Methodist Church and is committed to working with the youth. #SuperEpic is actually one of his avenues in connecting with today’s young generation, as the book is all about encouraging and empowering the youth in finding their purpose, passion, and vision as God’s children and eventually making their lives, well, super epic. 🙂

#SuperEpic is actually just a short book, some hundred pages long, with the text presented in conversational Taglish, making it easy to read even for the busy yuppies out there. What’s nice about this is that the topics are not hard to fathom, especially that Mighty makes analogies or references to DC and Marvel superheroes. In the book he uses these characters to explain his topics per chapter:

Chapter 1: Spiderman – how the youth can use their potentials and available resources responsibly

Chapter 2: Batman – getting committed to one’s intellectual, physical, spiritual, and social development

Chapter 3: Human Torch – discovering one’s passion without getting burned out

Chapter 4: Cyclops – having the vision how to pursue one’s passion while accepting the challenges that come with it

Chapter 5: Nick Fury – finding the people that can help achieve the vision

Chapter 6: The Hulk – dealing with conflicts and using them as an opportunity to grow

Chapter 7: Superman – acknowledging one’s weaknesses and knowing how to overcome them

Bible verses are also incorporated in each chapter, albeit presented in a way that’s not too preachy or in-your-face, if you know what I mean. Infusing catholic teachings in lessons in youth leadership and social transformation while speaking in a language that’s current and interesting — this is what makes #SuperEpic a powerful read.

I admit, I’m past the age of the demographic this book targets (I’m in my mid-30s). Yet #SuperEpic still resonates well within me. The book is like a reminder for myself — that however ordinary I may be, I can make a difference. I may not have superpowers, but I can use the talents I have to improve not just my life’s condition but other people’s lives as well.

I recommend May Powers Ka To Be #SuperEpic not just to the young ones out there but to everyone still seeking their purpose, passion, and vision. You won’t receive superpowers instantly after reading, but if you’ll allow, this book can and will stir in transformation in your life.

May Powers Ka To Be #SuperEpic is already out in the market. You can also purchase it online at for only PHP 75. Also check out the book’s official website,, for more info and some free downloadable resources.

Thank you, Mighty Rasing and OMF Literature, for this wonderful read. 🙂

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