The “itchy” year

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As I’m writing this post, my hubby and daughters are already fast asleep, getting their much-needed rest for a hectic week ahead.

So, 7 years of marriage.

People say it’s at this point that married couples would feel what’s called the “7-year itch”. According to everyone’s favorite resource, Wikipedia, it’s “a psychological term that suggests that happiness in a relationship declines after around year seven of a marriage”.

I have yet to confirm if it’s true. To be honest, none in my circle of married friends have separated after 7 years of being together. Or that’s probably because they dealt with relationship problems pretty well. (As for relatives, it’s a different case…)

Come to think of it, it all boils down into how you deal with issues that arise within your lives. I don’t believe there is one married couple who hasn’t fought with each other over even the simplest thing. There will always be a time when you or your partner will be too stressed, too tired, too emotional. But that’s no reason to give up.

Besides, before the 7-year itch, there was the period of being BF-GF. And during those times, there were instances wherein couples fight and bicker and make up.

That should count for something.

Besides, getting into marriage is a life-long commitment. Before plunging to the waters that is married life, one would have thought about going for the dive.

And we did. 7 years ago.

So, because of that commitment, we should be able to withstand any itch that comes our way.

Unless of course it’s the allergy kind. Now that’s sh!t.

Happy anniversary to us.


  1. Em Nuqui - Alejandrino

    You made a good point. Happy anniv sa inyo sis!

    6 years ago
    • Michelle Roldan

      Thanks, sis! 🙂

      6 years ago
  2. Clarisse

    My partner and I made it through 8 years together. The ‘itch’ was almost a yearly thing for us, but relationships take work, and if you are both willing to sweat it; then wow! Besides, it will be totally boring to not be able to kiss and makeup!

    Happy Anniversary to you and your husband! 😉

    6 years ago
    • Michelle Roldan

      Thanks! It’s true, relationships take work. Not just marriage but any relationship one is in.

      “…it will be totally boring to not be able to kiss and makeup!” –> YES! Hahaha! 😀

      6 years ago

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