The Karo Syrup alternative

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Just visited Zee’s pedia today because of her cough. She still has a bit of cough, but she’s already been taking meds for a week. The doctor said she’s doing better, just give her water.

Again, the problem: Zee doesn’t like water. So the pedia suggested to give her diluted milk (half a scoop of formula for every 4 ounces of water), which she doesn’t like either because it tastes bland for her, or put some Karo Syrup in her water, which would seem impossible because there isn’t a bottle of Karo Syrup in any of the groceries I’ve visited here in Metro Manila.

So I asked her if we could put mix light corn syrup with her water.

She nodded.

Finally! We can make Zee drink water now. She recommended a teaspoon of light corn syrup for every 4 ounces of water, then just lessen the syrup after a few days so she’ll get used to the taste of water, or the lack thereof.

And here I was, pondering on what to do with two bottles of light corn syrup at my parents’ home. My sister and I almost decided to make tons of pancakes and coffee jelly.

Which isn’t a bad idea at all. But first, priorities.

Before I forget, I must thank my sister’s students from UST Pharma for the light corn syrup. Some of them accidentally stumbled upon this blog of mine. Wow, I should get a dot-com domain for this one now…


  1. Mommycow

    Whew! I’m glad you found a good substitute for the Karo. mas mahirap pa man din ngayon maghanap ng supplies with the typhoon and all 🙁 I’m glad she’s back to drinking water 🙂

    12 years ago

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