The Mario “adventure”

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No, not with this Mario. But it would have been fun.
No, not with this Mario. But it would have been fun.

Four days after Tropical Storm Mario hit the country, I’m back online. It would have been sooner if it did not bring the rains of Habagat to Metro Manila. And since we live in a low-lying area and PAGASA declared a Red Rainfall Warning over the metro starting Friday morning… well, you can easily add that up.

My family has survived countless storms, including Ondoy last 2009, and this was nothing new. We prepared for the worst: stocked up on supplies, brought things to a higher area in the house, and made sure that everyone will stay safe. But Mother Nature had her way and brought murky, muddy floodwaters from the Rizal area down to our side of Pasig. The main house — a 35-year-old bungalow — was flooded, about 3 feet deep. The back area, our old sari-sari store that had a second floor that we use for situations like this, was saved.

Thing is, my parents worried about my condition, being 6 months pregnant and all. The second floor was pretty small to fit 7 adults and 1 child comfortably, so they had me, my hubby, my daughter, and one of my younger siblings stay somewhere else. They suggested a nearby hotel. Just in case there was an emergency (pre-labor pains or whatevs), I can be shuttled off to the hospital easily.

We left the house at 6, leaving my parents and my 2 other siblings behind. Hubby decided to drive to Ortigas where there was a GoHotels branch. Unfortunately, it was fully booked for the night (I think a lot of other families thought of doing the same thing that day), so we had to find an alternative. I texted my sister (who was at home giving updates on what’s happening in the neighborhood) and she suggested going to the motel area of Pasig.

Well, why didn’t I think of that? Some motels are now transforming their brand into something more “wholesome” and family- or business-oriented, so why not stay there for the meantime? Choosy pa ba kami?

I told hubby we can book at one of the Flower Group motels there, but he insisted on checking in at Victoria Court Hillcrest. “Mas may tiwala ako dun,” he told me. Whatever that meant. We checked in at 8 PM and were given a deluxe room with a garage.

Didn’t get to take pictures of the room, but it was quite comfortable: air-conditioned, with a queen bed, cable TV, dining table, seating area, and a bath with toilet and shower. They offered free Wi-Fi access. We were also entitled to free breakfast for 2 persons.

I don’t think the room they gave us was a “family room” though (hubby learned that a lot of those checked in at Victoria Court were families as well), since it had what’s called a Tantra Chair. It looked like a small curved couch used for, you know, those kinds of “rated-SPG adventures”. My daughter thought it resembled a slide. Oh the joys of innocence!

Anyways, all in all it was pretty much a comfortable stay. (And can I just say that their food is awesome!) Worth its price: we paid less that PHP 3,000 for a full 24-hour booking (we checked out before 8 PM the following day).

Back at home, we started with the clean-up drive. Some stuff needed cleaning, of course. The most taxing of all was cleaning the china and glassware in the china cabinet. Good thing we have a couple of persons to help us, so probably before the week ends, the house would look back to normal. Except for the warped plywood walls, though.

Geez, this flooding thing is becoming a regular thing for us that I hate it. But I’m still glad that we’re all safe. After all, the things that have been damaged can be replaced. But people’s lives are of paramount importance.

I just hope this kind of flooding won’t happen again so soon.

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