The morning sickness starts

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Six weeks on the way, and I’m starting to feel the usual symptoms. Beginning with the morning sickness.

Ugh, I’m beginning to hate the smell of cooking oil that’s freshly fried. Brushing my teeth is irritating my tongue. There’s always some weird aftertaste that’s bugging me.

Worse, when I’m in the office, the comfort room is at the opposite end. Such a long, arduous walk.

Ah well, I guess it’s part of the package. Just have to deal with it. Anyways, they say it’s just during the first trimester.


  1. Lenggai

    wowee!!! i bet, kahit hate na hate mo ‘yang feeling na ‘yan, you’re gonna savor every minute of it… grabe, dumarami na ang mga little chervas sa amihan reunions!!! 🙂

    13 years ago
  2. moonchild117

    well, it’s all part of the “preggy package.” nakakatuwa na rin, in a way. kakainis lang pag nakakaamoy ako ng stuff na di ko gusto…

    13 years ago

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