The school issue, part 2

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I took the opportunity to spend this rare weekday break I requested from my lead to inquire at a nearby school.

Zee’s 3 years old, turning 4 in time for the next school year, and hubby and I are considering introducing her to school. So we went to one that was just a short walk away: Mona Lisa Academy. Three people have recommended this school, so we decided to drop by this morning.

We were directed to the Registrar’s Office where a certain Mrs. Acosta was there. So I asked her about admissions, what level would Zee be in if ever she’ll enroll there next year, the needed requirements, tuition, student-teacher ratio, and the K to 12 effect.

Well, she answered my queries briefly, but not succinctly. In fact, almost all her answers were one-word answers (except for the requirements query). Which I found weird for a school administrator. I even had to squeeze out more information from her by asking follow-up questions.

What’s even weird is that I felt she wasn’t selling the school to me. Heck, I’m a potential “client”, but she didn’t show any encouragement, nor was she interested to know about my kid, what she or she can’t do at her age.

Hubby said that Mrs. Acosta might have been intimidated by me because I asked my questions in English. Err.. weh?

My uncle said that she probably wasn’t ready for anyone inquiring about the school, since admissions usually open on December. Maybe she didn’t have the answers ready.

Oh well, we’ll probably go back there next time, to inquire about summer classes. Zee needs to get used to a class setting.

And I probably have to look for more options on where I can enroll my daughter for the next school year.

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