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I realized I should’ve been doing this since Zee was born. It’s been almost 7 months now, and I’ve only put one or two updates about her growth and development. And because this is a blog by a wife and mother, it’s just right that I should start doing it.

Welcome to Hits and Mrs. Mommy Diaries.

For this entry, I would just like to share Zee’s milestone on her 6-and-a-half month of existence: she can now prop herself to stand up when she’s in her playpen. Wee! I just don’t have a photo of her (her lolo hasn’t thought of capturing it yet). But she could stand up now. And she crawls pretty fast, too.

She’s already eaten her first batch of solids a couple of days after Christmas. She loves apples, bananas, potatoes, carrots, and sayote. Zee didn’t like the papaya. She’s presently on an apple-banana diet because she pooed too much when she ate the potato, carrot, and sayote (which induces pooing, said the pediatrician).

Zee’s gotten a tad bit noisier, too. She can say many syllables in one breadth now. And her saliva’s just everywhere. But she’s a baby, and we don’t mind.

She’s probably near the teething stage. Ah, it will only be some time until she learns to walk.

I’m getting nervous. And excited.


Off to another topic, I tried monetizing my Blogger blogs by enrolling in online opportunities other than Adsense. So far, the most fruitful had been Paid-to-Promote. They automatically send payments through Paypal every 15th and end of the month. It’s my second time to get paid and I’m happy.

Hopefully, this will be a start of some passive income flowing into my savings.


  1. gino

    post up pictures!

    12 years ago
    • moonchild117

      pics are still with the grandparents… pag nakuha ko na. 🙂

      12 years ago

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