The Work at Home Expo 2015 Experience

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Remember I posted about The Work at Home Expo 2015 some weeks ago? I really made it possible for me to attend. And, even with some snags along the way, I managed to head to Bayanihan Center last Saturday (September 26) and take a look at the goings-on in the event.

Work at Home Expo 2015
The lobby of Bayanihan Center. Some exhibitors were already there outside the main hall.
Work at Home Expo 2015
More exhibitors inside, which included home-based businesses, insurance agencies, publications, and consumer products
Work at Home Expo 2015
Attendees were encouraged to post on social media using these hashtags
Work at Home Expo 2015
Isabel Bakes, one of the first booths I visited. I so love their cookies! More about them soon on the blog.

I didn’t get a chance to attend all the talks in the main hall. But I managed to listen to 3 keynote speakers and their experiences in starting their own business.

Work at Home Expo 2015
Joe Maristela from, relating his experience building a business from his own living room.
Work at Home Expo 2015
Marilen Faustino-Montenegro, who talked about balancing home life and business.
Work at Home Expo 2015
Anna Meloto-Wilk, who spoke about social entrepreneurship and creating a brand that helps improve the lives of many Filipinos.

The talks resonated to me well, especially the one with Marilen about finding the balance in working at home and living for the home, at the same time knowing your priorities; and that of Anna Wilk because, aside from being a user of Human Nature products (hehe!), I want to help others using my skill, too.

Work at Home Expo 2015
With my friend and colleague, Ria (photo from Pixtar Photobooth)

Truth be told, one of the main reasons I attended this expo was because I wanted to explore the opportunity of working from home. Not that I don’t like my office job — I mean it pays the bills and I get not a few perks — but because traveling from the house to the workplace is eating up not just my time but energy as well. And I guess I’m looking for a more fulfilling opportunity wherein I can work and oversee my young children’s development, and not miss out on their growing-up years.

I’m not that young anymore, I’m pushing the big 4-0 soon, and work opportunities for people my age are becoming few and far between. The Work at Home Expo 2015 is my way of finding inspiration from others who have made the leap and have been happy since.

I was thinking, maybe that can work for me, too.

So far, after the expo, I’ve managed to get some takeaways, especially about balancing work and life, and the challenges and opportunities that come with taking the leap. I, along with my friend, also saw one good business opportunity that we can start at home. (We have ideas, we just need a little more time to brew it.)

But at least I got this chance to attend the Work at Home Expo 2015. Hopefully soon, I can apply what I’ve learned from the event. 😀


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