The Things I Saw in “Kita Kita” (Warning: Not-so Spoiler-free)

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Kita Kita
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By now, almost everyone has seen “Kita Kita,” a romantic-comedy movie topbilled by Alessandra de Rossi and Empoy Marquez that has become a surprise hit. As a refresher (because you’ve probably seen it already), the film revolves around two Filipinos living in Sapporo in Japan. Lea (Alessandra) is a tour guide who goes temporarily blind due to stress and heartache. While dealing with her physical — and emotional — condition, in comes Tonyo (Empoy), her next-door neighbor who befriends her. What follows is a series of events that gradually pulls them close to and apart from each other.

A lot of reviews and reactions have been made for this movie, and a lot of which had people counting from one to 10 following what Lea and Tonyo did. For my “review,” I don’t want limit myself to 10 points that I’ve seen throughout the film. So…

– How did I feel about it? To be honest, I’m no sucker for romantic movies. I won’t watch one unless I fall into peer pressure (LOL!). Word-of-mouth had me curious, and almost everyone in the office has watched it, so I gave it a go. By the end of the movie, I can say that I was pretty entertained… but with reservations.

– In the time of coffee invites and billboard proposals, Tonyo’s act seems super-sweet. Plus he’s a funny guy, and quick-witted guys usually find their way to a girl’s heart quite easily. But after seeing the second half of the movie and looking back at the first part where Lea was getting to know Tonyo and asking questions, I began to wonder Tonyo’s true motive. Somehow, I felt that if I was Lea and discovered “that,” it would creep me out a bit. I mean, “how long has it been happening?” So maybe Tonyo fell for Lea because of what she (unknowingly) did to him. Still, the events leading up to the first “real” meeting is a bit disturbing for me at least. Or I’m probably being paranoid.

– Somewhere in between watching, my head was screaming, “REBOUND!!!”

– Also, “Hello, Tonyo. Look to the left then look to the right when…” Hays.

– Nevertheless, I liked the aesthetic of the film. It feels very Japanese, especially at the first part, with no background music and lovely laid-back city scenery. And it showed the places Sapporo is famous for. I’m guessing those who watched this and visiting Japan soon will probably do a “Kita Kita” walking tour. 🙂

– Alessandra is always impressive in any role given to her. The last bit with the blindfold was soooo good. Empoy, meanwhile, is a revelation. While a lot of his scenes are pretty comedic, the serious ones are worth taking another look.

– KZ Tandingan does an awesome job in her rendition of the song “Two Less Lonely People in the World” but, I don’t know, it seemed kinda cheesy for me. It does describe Lea and Tonyo’s situations. It didn’t work for me, though. And because I’m very VERY familiar with Air Supply, their version is the one that I’m hearing. Weird.

Hmm, I didn’t even get to 10. Haha! But you get the idea. Would I recommend watching it? Yeah, I would. Despite the kinks, “Kita Kita” is a refreshing break to sappy kabit dramas and other absurd plots. Best to catch it when you can!

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