Thinking of baby names — Part 2

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Okay, I’m not pregnant yet, but…

A few days ago, hubby and I had a discussion on having kids. At one point in our conversation, he says, “We already have a name for a boy and a girl each. What if we have two boys? Or two girls?”

Hmm, that got us thinking. What names could we think of aside from the ones we already decided on?

Conditions: two given names. One from a game or an anime or a movie (to pay homage to hubby’s geekiness) and another that sounds “normal.” You know, something you can hear almost everyday. Just so it’s not 100% nerdy.

For the boy’s name, these were the ones that made it on our shortlist: Luke, Eomer and Kyle.

Luke… well, dorky as it seems, hubby wanted that name so he could say the classic line, “Luke, I am your father.” Geez. Luke is a nice name, which according to my research in Google means, “bringer of light.”

I had a crush on Karl Urban the moment his face showed up on the screens during LOTR: The Two Towers. So I got his character’s name, Eomer, which roughly means “one famous with horses.” In the movie, he and the Rohirrims were horselords, so I guess that’s nice… pretty macho…

Hubby conceded on “Eomer.” We just had to look for a name that matches it and sounds good with it. He suggested Kyle (from the Twin Peaks actor), which has two meanings: “narrow strait” or “fair and handsome.” Together, Eomer Kyle would roughly mean “handsome horselord.” Hubby liked the idea and we settled with it.

For the girl’s name, hubby already liked Zafina, which is a new character in Tekken 6 (she’s the Egyptian girl). I thought it wouldn’t have a meaning to it, but surprisingly it is listed in baby names sites which means, “victorious one.” Hubby also chose a simple name to go with it — Anna, or “gracious/merciful.” He liked how it rolled in his tongue: Anna Zafina. Though I’m not too keen on rhyming names, it did sound pretty. So I guess that settles it.

I like the names we came up with. Not too common. A bit geeky, that’s understandable, but pretty unique.

Hey, no copying. Just kidding. 😉


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