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Yes, this early.

Actually, I have a thing for concocting baby names. I had suggested names for my former colleagues’ soon-to-be-born babies — and ended up being a godmother for two of them.

I’ve always considered giving a person his or her name, or title at that, is one of the most important yet challenging things  a parent or someone can do. A baby cannot have just any name; it has to have a meaning (a beautiful meaning, I should say) and a reason. It should suit him or her physically, psychologically, in all aspects. The name the child carries shapes the way he or she will become in the future.

(Sidenote: I had a former colleague once who changed the name of her baby because he was sickly. Upon the change of name, he’s growing up to be a healthy baby boy.)

When I was still in school, I’ve already imagined giving my son or daughter this name or that name. A combination of two names, always, since I have two given names myself. I wanted a unique combination, something other people won’t think of formulating.

Discussions with my partner has led me to one name, each for a boy and a girl.

To be honest, I hope this has copyright. No copying, okay? Haha!

If it’s a boy, his name will be Johann Siegfried. The second name was something my SO liked. He got that from Soul Calibur, the knight who had an unbelievably really big sword. This German name means “victory-peace.” Johann, on the other hand, was something I thought of to go with it. A variation of “John,” it means “God is gracious.”

Sounds like he’s going to grow up a tough man. Hopefully.

If it’s a girl (which will make my future in-laws really happy since they don’t have a granddaughter yet), her name will be Rinoa Skye. Actually, I have come up with tons of name combinations for girls lately, which included the name Lauren Haley and Cassandra. The former combo, which means “laurel-crowned hero,” was one that I had loved for the longest time, until the day I was hired at a company called Lauren Silva. Hmm, great. They might think I got her name from them. Hmp.

Cassandra is in the same vein as Siegfried. She is a character in Soul Calibur as well. My SO was kind of convinced of this name, however we had a hard time looking for a second name to go with this one that means “enchantress” or the tragic character in Greek mythology.

Skye, with a meaning that is too obvious, was liked by my SO. Rinoa, a character in Final Fantasy, is actually a play of the name Lenore, or “light.” In Wikipedia, Rinoa was originally to be named Lenore. Since each of the characters in that Final Fantasy represented a certain element (Cloud, Squall, etc.), Rinoa was equivalent to the (sun) light. Well, Rinoa Skye sounds unique and nice.

Both boy and girl names also have another meaning: “born to gaming geek parents.” Yes, I play Soul Calibur, but I wouldn’t want to name my son Kilik…

There goes another entry from the blogger whose two given names means “one who is like God” and “God is gracious.” My close friends know what those names are.

Incidentally, a celebrity couple plans to name their soon-to-be-born baby with that same name as mine. Tsk, no originality. My mom thought of that first. 😉


  1. Guy Davis

    Good choices. Check out this map of popular baby names to see how common Johann and Rinoa are near you and around the world.

    14 years ago
  2. Jennifer

    It’s funny you should mention this being copyrighted… I made a post very, very similar to this one found here about 4-1/2 years ago or so. Not saying you copied my post, but the first two paragraphs of this post are almost identical to what I had posted. As well as the name, Rinoa Skye. I have never found a meaning for the name Skye anywhere and that is because I liked the way Rinoa and Skye sounded together, so I took the word ‘sky’ and added an E at the end of it. My daughter turned 4 this past summer solstice. It is a good name for a child, and a beautiful one at that.

    13 years ago
  3. Jennifer

    Oh, and by the way, with the name Rinoa, regarding FF8, Yes, they had originally choses Lenore, however they used the Japanese letters that were closest to that name, and it ended up being Rinoa. Rinoa is actually a Celtic name meaning “saintly”

    13 years ago
  4. moonchild117

    Hi Jennifer,

    I’m surprised of this coincidence. I was like, “Wow, really?” To be honest, I have never read your entry nor your blog. That’s why I was pretty surprised that you mentioned this. I apologize if this has caused you much anxiety, but to tell you the truth, I didn’t copy your work. I just thought that “Rinoa” was a good match for the name “Skye” since it sounded unique when combined, and because my hubby-to-be was a hardcore gamer. It’s like a tribute of some sort. 🙂 It’s a good thing, too, that you’ve found another meaning for “Rinoa.” Been Googling it and it doesn’t seem to appear on any baby names site.

    The “copyright” part was made in jest, actually. It’s common for people to have the same names. They’re not brand names of products, so for me having the same name as someone may be a tad bit odd, especially if it’s a unique combination, but nevertheless I really don’t mind. 🙂

    And yeah, I do enjoy doing name combinations. I guess it’s a hobby. 🙂

    If you wouldn’t mind, I would also like to take a look at your blog. I’d love to read your entries about being a mom and stuff. I’m nearly entering the wife-hood phase, it’d be interesting to share some thoughts with people like you.

    Thanks for the comment!

    13 years ago

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