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I’ve actually been a fan of yogurt, but it wasn’t around 2008 that frozen yogurt piqued my interest. Thanks to Joss Whedon’s short, “Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog.” I got curious as how that tasted.

And then fro-yo stores just popped everywhere. I’ve tasted a few (Red Mango, California Berry, etc.) and, well, they were okay.

Yesterday, I got to visit a new fro-yo store called Pinkberry in Greenbelt. This was due to an invitation for a blogger event. (Almost didn’t make it, but was able to the last minute. Another story.) Cute little store — it added a dash of color on GB5’s restaurant row. And because I was excited, I forgot to take a photo of its facade. Dang.

Beyond its aesthetics, what got me interested about Pinkberry is the fact that it offered 6 yogurt flavors — Original, Green Tea, Watermelon, Chocolate, Mango, and Pomegranate.

Sorry for the camphone quality... all 6 Pinkberry yogurt flavors

Eaten alone, in a cup or waffle cone, the yogurt is a treat in itself. The Original flavor isn’t too sweet nor is its tang overpowering. Methinks even those who don’t like yogurt (because of its sour taste) will enjoy this.

I got to try Mango and Pomegranate as well, but what struck me most is Chocolate because it tasted like dark chocolate ice cream. Pretty deceptive, you can serve it to non-yogurt eaters and they’ll ask for more. Hahaha!

We got to do a few activities, first of them was to create our own yogurt. We got to choose the toppings — fruit, dry, liquid, and Luxe.

A smorgasbord of toppings
The staff creating one of the bloggers' creations
My creation: Choco Mango Cheesecake with Original flavor yogurt, cheesecake bites, mango chunks, dark choco crisps, and swirly whip. Caramel drizzle was added afterwards.

I did something that had a mix of my favorites. As an afterthought, I should’ve done something like Green Tea yogurt + kiwi + strawberry + caramel and named it Berry Kiwi-smas. Then again, corny. 😛

We also got to try swirling the yogurt into waffle cones. By the way, one can also add toppings on the waffle cone.

By the end of the event, we went home with a pint of Pinkberry yogurt. Yummy!


If ever you get to visit the store and wonder why they’re offered at mid- to premium price, it’s because all the ingredients are fresh, some of them even imported. That’s because they want to maintain the quality of the Pinkberry brand that’s famous in the US and in other countries. What’s a few additional bucks when you get to taste super-delicious fro-yo, right?

Plus the ambience is so cozy and inviting, it brings about an enjoyable experience. Really worth everything, promise.


Thanks to Wyeth and the Pinkberry people for the invitation. Had a fun time. Hoping to visit your store again (and probably to find one near my place, hehe!).

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