Time for maternity clothes…

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Wala ka bang maluwag na blouse? Kita na yung tiyan mo, bilog na siya (Don’t you have a loose-fitting blouse? Your round tummy is showing),” says my mom.

Unfortunately, I only have, er, three.

I’m entering my 8th week of pregnancy tomorrow, and the tummy is getting evident under my shirts and jeans. Which means I have to shop for new clothes to accommodate my growing belly.

Believe it or not, this is one aspect of my life in which I don’t feel like a girl at all. I don’t know how to shop for myself.

A lot of my clothes have been chosen or bought by my mom for me. A handful by hubby (who’s got more clothes and pairs of footwear than I do). I can’t shop alone; I always need “professional” advice. Which would be, for the most part, my mom.

Another thing that stops me from shopping is that I always think that I could spend my money on something more important.

Hubby retorts, “Isn’t clothing one of man’s basic necessities?”

I really don’t know why I find it hard to shop for clothes.

Oh well, I need it, so I gotta do it…


  1. gmirage

    Hrrmmmm….wonder how you look now, tingin naman ng pictures!!! 😀 Surely cute! hehe, meron pa ko dito jumper kaso di kasya sayo yun size mo S ako L! lol. Enjoy this phase and be spoiled to ur hubby hehehehe.

    13 years ago
  2. moonchild117

    thanks g. naku, no pictures yet. imagine me na mataba lang.

    naku, spoiled ata si hubby sa kin. hinahayaan ko lang maglaro yan ng PS2 tuwing gabi. hehe!

    13 years ago

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