Trust (aka Yaya, the end)

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Upon coming home to my parents’ house last night, my mom greeted me with this news: Lumayas si [yaya ni Zee].

I have to admit, I was a bit shocked. My husband and I even saw her yesterday morning. She looked fine and it didn’t seem she was depressed or anything. Zee liked her as well. We compensated her enough. And we never treated her like a stranger.

My mom said that she asked permission if she could go somewhere during the day. She didn’t come back. My parents found her quarters clean of her belongings.

Mom texted her why she didn’t tell her that she wanted to go. Her reply: nahihiya daw siya.

I wondered why? It wasn’t like we’re going to keep her prisoner at our house. If she told us she’d want to leave, we’d let her.

It’s only been almost 2 months since she came to our home as Zee’s yaya and as someone to help my mom out with the chores. As per agreement with my aunt (who recruited her), she was to stay until about a year. She didn’t honor her end of the bargain.

But well, as a friend of mine says, that’s life. Karma-karma na lang, I guess.


  1. Miss Guimba

    It’s really hard to find a good yaya these days. I’m glad that my husband’s yaya is still around to take care of my little ones. I hope you find another one. I’m sure it’s not your fault.

    12 years ago
    • moonchild117

      you’re lucky, sis. well, we’re not really in a rush to look for her replacement. my parents (whose taking care of my daughter) said they can handle it naman. thanks for dropping by. 🙂

      12 years ago
  2. Ivy@Spinning Lovely Days

    Ooh, that’s infuriating! I’ve tried getting a nanny twice and neither experience was good. Good help is just so hard to find these days. My mom keeps on saying that and I tend to agree. Hope you find a good replacement soon. 🙂

    12 years ago
    • moonchild117

      i guess you’re mom’s right. i had that thought as well. i’ve had a colleague before who’s changed yaya’s almost every year, because they either resign or just disappear. hays.

      12 years ago

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