Trying out the Baby Care and Kids Plus+ Line of Tupperware Brands PH

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As a parent, I always make it a point to check the things I give my kids. From food to toys to clothing and up to their skin care. Especially their skin care. While my eldest seems to be okay with any soap or shampoo, I tend to be picky with items I buy for the bunso, since she has G6PD deficiency. And that’s why I start reading labels and researching on kids’ products before I make a purchase.

When Tupperware Brands PH gave me a sample of their Baby Care Plus+, Kids Plus+,and Mom Plus+ line, I really looked into them before using them. I wanted to know if they hypoallergenic and safe to use on all skin types, especially the ones for the tykes.

I looked at the website to be sure. Dermatologically tested, check. Hypoallergenic, check.

It helped that even before I used them, I had fellow moms raving about the Baby Care Plus+ and Kids Plus+ products. Hubby’s kabarkada uses the Kids Plus+ Shampoo for her 8-year-old son, while my eldest’ classmate’s mom (whew, degrees of separation there) said that even her teenage daughter uses the Baby Care+ products.

Actual reviews there, and they were good. Still, I knew I had to test them.

Tupperware Brands Baby Care Plus+, Kids Plus+, and Mom Plus+ products
Tupperware Brands Baby Care Plus+, Kids Plus+, and Mom Plus+ products

I tried everything on me first. I initially tried the Baby Care Plus+ Bath and the Kids Plus+ Bath (on separate occasions of course).

With the Baby Care Plus+, I experienced no irritation after using. But what I love about it was the powder smell. When I used it on my little one, the fragrance lasted the whole day. Even my dad took note of that. On an active baby, it stood its mettle.

Tupperware Brands Baby Care Plus+
The Baby Care Plus+ line included Cologne, Lotion, Shampoo, Powder, and Baby Bath

The Kids Plus+ Bath had a sweet tutti-fruity scent that I like. And it matched the scent of the Kids Plus+ Shampoo. Aside from the fragrance, what I liked is the shampoo’s effect — my daughter’s wavy locks became easier to comb.

Tupperware Brands Kids Plus+
The Kids Plus+ line also had Bath, Shampoo, Lotion, Cologne, and Powder.

These, plus the Baby Care+ Baby Powder, are the items that stood out for me. The scent, the feel on the skin, and the fact that they’re safe for my kids are the “plus” factors for me.

For the Mom Plus+, I love the Soothing Relief Balm. I’m a sucker for these kinds of things. But I can only use it when I’m not with my bunso since the product contains menthol (one of the things she has to avoid because of her condition). I use it when I ride public transportation — reduces nausea — or when my nose feels stuffy.

[I gave the Mom Plus+ Stretch Mark Cream to my college kabarkada who recently gave birth, as a gift. I hope she likes it.]

The Bath and Shampoo are half-empty (or half-full? LOL!), which means my kiddos like it (and so do I) and that they don’t experience any irritation with them. Thanks Tupperware Brands for the Baby Care Plus+, Kids Plus+, and Mom Plus+ products!

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