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It’s been a while since I’ve posted something here. Okay, so maybe that’s a few days in a row. I just can’t think of anything to share right now.

Except that tomorrow, I’ll be visiting my OB-Gyne for another check-up. At the same time I’m wondering whether I’ll know my baby’s gender.

Hubby had a dream last night that we had a son who was blonde and had glasses. He said that in his dream our son rescued me from a falling closet. He hurt his leg, but it wasn’t that bad. Then my hubby enrolled him to a karate class.

Just a while ago, a taxi swiped the right side of the sort-of-carpool I was riding while in EDSA. The taxi, who had a passenger, fled from the scene because there were no MMDA cops around. I managed to get the taxi name (FEVER), plate number (PXB 579), taxi operator (FV Rodrigo) and car model/make (’95 Toyota Corolla XL, white), and gave it to our driver. I told him to contact LTFRB for assistance. Hopefully this government institute does.

I checked our work compass today and I have nothing to work on. Will be surfing for hours or watching a movie on my laptop.

And well, I also have to go to e-census.com to get a certified true copy of my birth certificate and marriage contract.

See, I have nothing to talk about. When I do, I’ll catch you later.

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