Wedding tips (a.k.a. my wedding preps hangover)

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Yeah I know, it’s been almost three months since our wedding, and more than a year ago since we started our preps. But after reading some more forums and group messages on weddings and stuff, I thought of collating all the learnings hubby and I had as we went on our own wedding preparations. These are very general tips, and believe me, this will actually keep you sane and your pocket safe.

1. Before anything else, set a budget. Money is almost a rare commodity these days, and prices seem to be going nowhere but up. So it’s important to save, save, save. How? If you have a steady job, do responsible allocation. If possible, get a sideline to augment your savings. If you’re sharing the expenses (which we did), discuss the amount to save every month or every payday. And be strict with it.

2. As a follow-up to #1, save up to twice your target budget. That way, if you go overbudget, you’d still have some to spare.

3. At the onset, make sure the people who matter know you’re getting married. You know, family, close friends and some relatives. You wouldn’t want to catch people off-guard.

4. Research. A painstaking thing to do, especially if you’re not much of a “research” person. Search the Internet, go to bridal fairs, join forums. Ask, ask, ask. I joined a Yahoo Group called Weddings@Work and they were a big help in our preps. Found info on our major suppliers there.

5. In relation to the previous, don’t settle for the first option. As I’ve said, research. Even if it hurts your feet. Between hubby and me, I was never the one to say “we stop at the first supplier we talk to.” We got to talk to at least three suppliers before making a decision. Heck, we scoured Ilaya and Tutuban for weeks before settling for our supplier.

6. Here’s the cliche: know your must-haves and nice-to-haves. Yeah, we all dream of a dream wedding, but let’s be realistic. If you don’t have that big of a budget, don’t aspire for something lofty. Believe me, you can sacrifice some things without sacrificing some quality. In our case, we got the basic package for the food, church and venue. My wedding dress was off-the-rack. Hubby’s shoes was bought in the Greenhills tiangge. We didn’t get a photography package with albums, we only got the photographer’s service. Still, our wedding went well. As I’ve said, research. Find the supplier that gives you the most value for your money.

7. Create a guest list and, if possible, stick to it. I had a problem with this. My family was already big (compared to hubby’s). And my dad wanted to invite his friends to my wedding. Me, I was so frustrated because I couldn’t invite all my friends because we’re going overboard already. There’s always a solution at the end. Just have to talk to your folks about it. It was a good thing hubby’s parents were very understanding.

8. Have a support group. Or at least a support person during this tumultous time. Through Weddings@Work, I had an online support group who understood what I was going through becuase we were all in the same boat. But it’s always nice to have someone you know who can support you, even just through text. And for that, I especially mentioned and singled out my sister during our thank-you speech.

9. There are things that will happen that you wouldn’t really agree. Just let it go. I had some frustrating moments with my mom (and that’s where my sister’s support comes in), but after that I just learned to let things be. People will say what they want to say. Don’t mind them. And even on your big day, there will be glitches. Just go with the flow. Try to find a solution… but with a smile.

10. Yes, smile. This is the most inexpensive way to stay beautiful. And you know what, smiling is very addictive. It triggers the same reaction , just like when you yawn. People smile when they see others smile. So show your pearly whites.

So if you’re going through with your wedding preps, these are just some things to remember. Enjoy this time. Hubby and I did. 🙂


  1. PinoyCopywriter

    Your fourth item on the list, RESEARCH, I’m already doing, that’s why I’m reading your post. 🙂

    We’re planning a December wedding and so far the only sure things that we have are the church and the photographer.

    13 years ago
    • moonchild117

      Congratulations on the engagement! Aside from bridal websites, forums are a great way to research online. If you also have the time, you can join the Weddings@Work YahooGroup. That has helped me a lot.

      And there’s also going to be a bridal fair over at Megamall on Jan. 17-18. You can canvass for your suppliers there.

      Good thing you got your church and photographer already. December is a very busy month for weddings. Let me know if you need some help for the wedding preps. 😀

      13 years ago
  2. PinoyCopywriter

    Thanks for the suggestions!

    Thanks also for telling me about that bridal fair at Megamall. We’ll definitely go there.

    My gf is currently looking for a caterer and she mentioned Eloquente as one of her shortlisted caterers (I guess based on what she has read from forums, blogs, etc.)

    I went over to your Multiply site, heartsshade, and was glad to find that you made a review of Eloquente. I’ve already sent the link to my gf.

    By the way, you were very beautiful on your wedding day and your husband seemed to be having a grand time (why wouldn’t he, right?). I especially love that photo with him giving a thumb’s up sign! Made me laugh hard.


    13 years ago
    • moonchild117

      Thanks for dropping by our wedsite, too.

      Yep, Eloquente performed pretty well during our wedding. They’ve had their share of not-so-good reviews for a time, but by personal experience they exceeded our expectations. Most Eloquente brides I met online have positive feedbacks about them.

      Hehe, the thumbs-up sign… our official photog kept on telling us to do that, it became our joke of the day. Those were some of the corniest moments of our lives. LOL! 😀

      13 years ago

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