Weekend Activities to Keep the Whole Family Entertained

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When the weekend arrives, you don’t want to waste time with nothing exciting to do. Gathering ideas from all of your family members on what they like to do may become frustrating, with contrasting interests or the inability to agree. Luckily, we’ve created a list of things your family can set out to do this weekend that will guarantee a good time.

Movie Night

Whether you head to a movie theatre or stay at home, movie night can become a weekly tradition. If you decide to stay home up the ante by creating a movie theatre-like atmosphere at night by using a projector on a large blank wall, making popcorn, and snacking on family favorite theatre snacks.

Head to the Beach

Weekend Family Activity - Swimming

If you are in close distance to a beach consider going there for the day. With plenty of activities to enjoy while on the beach such as swimming, sandcastle building, or kite flying there are numerous options that are sure to catch your family’s interest.

Don’t forget the sunblock!

Visit a Zoo

Children love to be fascinated by all of the different animals that can be found at a zoo. Most zoos have interactive experiences or will allow you to pet or touch a few animals. Be sure to look at the show itinerary when you first get there so you don’t miss any presentations that may be of interest to your family.

Go Hiking

Halton real estate owners frequently find themselves heading to a local conservation area where the land is mountainous and the wildlife is plentiful. Look into local hiking trails, parks, or wildlife areas where you and your family can enjoy the weekend scaling trails and capturing beautiful views.

Ride a Rollercoaster

Making a trip to your closest amusement park is guaranteed to be a thrilling time. Multiple ride choices such as rollercoasters, ferris wheels, or carousel rides will please the thrill seeking family members to those who are looking for a calmer ride.

Not to mention the food and games that are available at amusement parks are worth the trip in itself.

Go Fishing

Learning how to fish can provide a child with a sense of pride after reeling in their first big one. Going to your nearest lake, river, or fishing hole with a prepared picnic basket of lunch can be a weekend spent making new memories.

Weekend Activities with Family - Fishing

When Friday rolls around and your weekend plans haven’t been made yet, have each family member place what they’d like to do on a slip of paper and place it in a hat. The paper that is picked will be the activity that the family will enjoy that weekend. For the sake of a fair game, you can always go from oldest to youngest or vice versa each week so that everyone is sure to get a turn at picking the weekend plans.

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