Welcome 2015 (plus the one reason I’m grateful for 2014)

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Been a while since I’ve written anything here. This will be a quick one, though…

In a few hours, we will be welcoming a new year. But before we do, I look back at what 2014 gave me: the joys and difficulties and everything in between.

I would like to think that I’ve been blessed in every aspect, from career to friends to family (okay, maybe the career aspect wasn’t that great… but I comfort myself with the thought that I still have one). The one thing that gave me the greatest joy is this:

The new baby with her Ate
The new baby with her Ate

Ayla Maria was born 23 days before Christmas. She was a big blessing to me — to us — because despite all the challenges and anxieties that I had during and after pregnancy, she lights up my life. Our life. And with her and her Ate, I’m pretty sure 2015 will be a truly colorful year at home.

Well, not just at home, most probably. 2015 will be another year of new things to explore and conquer. And I’m looking forward to it.

And so should you. Let’s claim 2015 — that this year will be great for all of us.

Happy New Year!

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