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I just dropped by The Parody blog, the next one giving away the Moleskine. Here, we are told to write about our dreams.

Well, I have had my share of weird dreams. I have recurring dreams such as running down a flight of stairs then losing my balance… there’s one where I’m riding a moving car without any driver so I take the driver’s seat and steer… there’s one where I was an anime, in Camp Big Falcon, watching Voltes V battle the Boazanian monster…

Oh. Not those kind of dreams. The other”dreams.” I see now…

Well, taking “dreams” into THAT context, I have a lot. I don’t think they’re weird at all. Some attainable, some distant…

First, I dream of having our own house. Four months into the marriage, with a baby on the way, is enough reason for me to dream of this. I dream of a simple two-storey house with enough rooms for hubby and me and the kids… and hubby’s toy collection. So that’s like three bedrooms.

Second, I dream of a bearing a healthy baby. Personally I want a boy, but hubby wants a daughter (even referring to my tummy as “her” or “she”). Whatever, as long as the child is normal and healthy.

Third, I dream of putting up my business. I’ve always dreamed of having my own chocolate shop (close to the Goya Fun Factory — not!). Hubby thinks though that I’ll be eating most of the merchandise, being a chocolate lover myself. But I believe that to be successful in your chosen business, you need to be passionate about your product. I’m passionate about chocolates…

Lastly, I dream of being financially stable. No more money woes for me or my family. I dream of living a convenient life. Not too flashy or extravagant. Just that I have enough to get me and my family through the day.

I dream a lot, whether it’s in this context or the other. Don’t worry, I’m trying to wake up. And soon, all these will be reality.

This is my entry for the Moleskine contest of The Parody.


  1. Sasha

    Passion for chocolates, YUM! I’d love to see that dream come true. I love chocolates too. And living in a house of your own with a healthy baby to complete your family, these are noble dreams that I wouldn’t mind having myself.

    I hope you won’t get tired of chasing after these dreams! 🙂

    13 years ago
    • moonchild117

      must admit, i get sidetracked sometimes (especially with the chocolate business). but i’m really gonna chase after them! hopefully they’ll all come true. thanks for the visit! 😀

      13 years ago

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