When hubby feels guilty…

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No, he didn’t do anything against me, or something I didn’t like.

It started with a Gundam contest, the Bandai Asia Kit Universal Cup (BAKUC).

He already has an entry for it (a supposed entry in the last competition where he entered our wedding cake topper but was not allowed to compete because it didn’t have a box), and all he had to do was look for the box of that Gundam model somewhere. He lost the original, so he thought of going to Greenhills to look for the same model.

Unfortunately, he scoured Greenhills and didn’t find it, so he bought a new one (one of the latest outings, which also cost him Php1.3K) that could do the same pose as the old Gundam (that’s on top of our TV back at the apartment). This was yesterday.

BUT last Sunday, we went to Greenhills to buy another Gundam he was pining for ever since. The store at Greenhills sold it at a discounted price (from Php2000++ to Php1000++). Which meant that, before the week ended, he had just spent almost Php3K for two items that other people, especially non-geeks, would call “toys.”

Just so he could compete this November 9.

I told him to lie low on these competitions, that come one after the other, because it was taking a lot of his time, energy and money (and because the competition was laden with small-scale politics). Well, he did feel guilty about spending too much in a short time, so he thought of “making up” for it.

He told me not to give him his Christmas present. I declined.

I told him not to buy me a Christmas present. He declined.

We just decided he’d do the dishes for the remainder of the month.

That’s enough punishment for him. Doing the chore means he loses 10 minutes of his precious time creating his BAKUC entry.

Hmm, so this is how hubby makes up for things when he’s guilty.

I’m already thinking of a chore to give him once this happens again. Kidding! 🙂

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