“Why him?”

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I dunno, I just remembered something my former boss told me.

When his wife learned that we got together (as boyfriend-girlfriend back in 2002), she asked, “Why him?”

I asked my boss what she meant by that.

He didn’t say it directly, but it was about how he looked, physically.

He was stick thin, had long hair (he still is and does… but believe it or not he’s gained a bit of weight) and was really rugged in his manner of clothing. Had pretty rugged and weird ways too, being an artist through and through.

Me, I was more of the shy but cheery type, a bit girly at times. Chubby, too. I must say we had a lot of differences. But we also had some things in common — we liked music and movies and some books. We liked having good conversations. And despite his rugged exterior, he’s also mush on the inside.

I like him for what he is. Though my mom has already made a comment on his weight (or lack thereof), they like him. Even my grandma likes him. My sibs, especially my brothers, like him because they have almost the same interests.

What I like about him the most is that he doesn’t pretend to be anyone else. I like that he’s real, he knows himself. And of course I like him because he can play the guitar and can sing.

Sometimes it’s hard to explain how people just get together despite their differences. I guess what we like about our relationship is that we learn to adjust to each other’s quirks and weirdness, to a point where we already influence each other.

So why him, why my husband? Because he simply is. And I love him.

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