Why Sports Fans Love Wisconsin

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Without diving too deep into this vibrant state, most people think of football and cheese when Wisconsin gets mentioned. The badger state prides itself on both of these, and it’s no wonder that the fans of Wisconsin are overwhelmingly into it because of sports.

Here are some reasons why Wisconsin fans are so vocal and why you should cheer on America’s Dairyland!

Subverting Expectations

Major League Baseball - Milwaukee Brewers MLB
Photo by Lesly Juarez on Unsplash

Although most people think about football when sports and Wisconsin get brought up together, the most popular game in the state is baseball. Proud of their professional team, the Milwaukee Brewers, the team is the state’s Major League representative. This team is highly skilled and holds its own against almost every team it’s up against- with a reputation of being a wildcard.  The team members have a big fanbase that calls themselves the Brew Crew. It might not be what most people think of when it comes to sports and Wisconsin, but baseball is a big reason this state is well known.

Sports For The Northern Freeze
Wisconsin is a state on the Northern border of America, which means it freezes early in the year and stays frozen until late spring. All of this ice has made it easy for kids growing up in Wisconsin to break out ice skates at a young age. This chilly state has a world-renowned team known as the Milwaukee Admirals that have collected countless awards nationally and internationally.

Home To Two Major Football Teams

NFL Green Bay Packers Wisconsin
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Both the world-famous Green Bay Packers and the Green Bay Blizzard teams are proud to call Wisconsin their home. These are the teams most people think of when it comes to the badger state’s sports. Top competitors, with raging fan bases that call themselves Cheeseheads as an homage back to the state’s dairy exports, the teams do a lot for the state’s pride.

Thirteen Division Titles
What would a good sports state be without basketball? The Milwaukee Bucks have been a force to be reckoned with by most team’s standards. Winning three division titles is big enough, but lumping on two conference titles on top of that makes this a team that anyone would want to cheer on. Their live games are electrifying, and after going to just one, you’ll be wanting to search for Milwaukee houses for sale.

NBA Milwaukee Bucks Wisconsin
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Six Championship Titles
When considering the skilled athletes in America’s Dairyland, soccer might not come to mind, but their championship team isn’t one to ignore. The group, called the Milwaukee Wave, has six championship titles under its belt and is always reaching for more. They have a lot of enthusiasm and energy that Wisconsin seems to bring in troves to every sport it competes.

This beautiful state is more than just cheese and football. Each of these teams has a massive loyal fanbase that tracks their every move with pride. The next time you’re considering what teams to follow, pick one of these, and you’ll have a season of excitement ahead of you.

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