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My start of the year’s pretty much filled with weddings. Two couples close to me and hubby tied the knot (to their necks — not!). Congratulations and best wishes to Mike and Zeth Lorenzo, who solemnized their union at St. Martin of Tours in Bulacan last Jan. 3 (they got married in the Dubai Consulate last year), and Kyo and Grace Arriola just this Saturday, Jan. 9, at Archbishop’s Palace.

I liked the bridal march of the second wedding. Grace walked on the aisle to a piano and violin version of Black Eyed Peas’ I Got A Feeling. Hehe.


Also would like to thank Zeth for giving me a copy of Neil Gaiman’s Odd and the Frost Giants, fresh from a book sale store in Dubai:

Been a while since I actually held a book. Couldn’t bear to touch my now-soiled-by-Ondoy’s-floodwaters autographed copy of The Day I Swapped My Dad For Two Goldfish.

It’s a nice book, I read it in just two hours. Shorter than Coraline (shit — that went under, too). Like most Gaiman works, it’s a fantasy short story but mixed with Norse mythology. I recommend this book for very light reading.


Nothing can get weirder than hearing my dad singing the intro of Lady Gaga’s Bad Romance.



  1. maying dela cena

    lol! i hummed that tune too after I watched Sarah sung it at ASAP:)
    your dad’s pretty hip huh!:)

    12 years ago

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