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Sometimes people surprise me.

It’s more surprising to know that these are people close to me that I’ve come to know through and through.

Or so I thought.

Let’s just say that this is this person whom I’ve known for quite a time. We don’t see each other often but because we’re connected, somehow, I’ve known this person long enough to know that this person is of good character. When we see each other, this person takes care of me and my family well.

A few days ago, when we met again after a long while, we were exchanging stories when this person told me of a new personal acquisition.

“[Brand name of phone],” this person said.

Cool, I said. But what this person said afterwards quite surprised me.

This person and a companion found said phone in a UV van. Seems it was left by accident. “Looks like it was just bought,” this person told me in the vernacular. “And [companion] restored it to factory settings.”

I knew what that meant.

And, to be honest, I was bothered by it. Until now.

So many things running in my head after this person told me the story of the new personal acquisition:

– Did they not ask the people around them or the UV van driver about the lost-and-found phone?
– Did they not bother to tinker with the phone to know its original owner?
– Did they not think about what the owner felt once he/she found out his/her phone got lost?
– Were they not bothered that they took something that’s not theirs?
– What happened to you?

The last question made me sad. I thought I knew this person already. This person just ruined the image I formed in my head — of someone who knew what was good and bad. Of someone who I thought would do what was right.

Not to put myself on a pedestal, but if I found that phone, I would return it to its rightful owner. Because I’d want others to do that, in case it happens to me, too. And because that’s what’s right.

Every day, we encounter tough decisions, sometimes laden with temptations.

But with what you know, with what has been taught to you…

What would you do?

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