Yaya, part 2

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I guess it slipped my mind that it was yesterday that Zee’s new yaya would be arriving in Manila.

So imagine my surprise/shock to find a stranger in the kitchen washing some dishes last night. Then my mom came in and introduced me and hubby to her.

Vannie comes from the same province from where my mom and dad were born and raised. She was referred to us by a family friend, who is, coincidentally, Vannie’s cousin.

She’s 38 and still single (no, I am not running a dating site here). And she’s petite. Shorter than me, actually, by a couple of inches. I guess Zee thought she was a kid that when she saw her for the first time, she called her and played with her.

Zee still refuses to be carried by other people except me and my mom, though. She’s still feeling under the weather with her colds and cough.

Anyways, hopefully Zee’s new yaya would be better than the last one. Here’s hoping she won’t go running away after a month or so.

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