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After some months of waiting, my parents found a yaya for Zee.

My dad just texted me a while ago, telling me if I could find a reservation at the Cebu Pacific website with a promo fare for her. Unfortunately there was none.

Which means I would have to handle her fare via ferry.

The yaya, as my mom informed me, is 23 years old. She was referred by my aunt in the province who also employed yayas to take care of her apos.

While having a yaya for Zee would take off some load from my parents’ shoulders, it kinda came in an inopportune time — it’s Christmas and I’ve already spent for some gifts, and hubby having been technically laid off by the company he works for (they can’t pay him, the owner said).

Hubby is worried about paying Php3K for the yaya and paying the house rent, too. I told him I’d take care of the yaya’s salary.

It’s hard to discuss this while I’m at work texting my parents and YMing hubby at the same time. Plus it’s the office’s Christmas party, which means that discussing this would have to wait until tomorrow.

Hays. Well, I’m the one who wanted to look for one in the first place. Panindigan ko na ‘to.


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