Yes, I Got COVID-19

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Interesting that one of my New Year highlights would be contracting COVID-19.

Yep, cat’s out of the bag. After being super-duper careful about going out and receiving deliveries, I got the virus. Not just me, but also hubby and both kids.

As of this writing, it’s the 15th day since we tested positive in the antigen home test. And the 9th day since the RT-PCR test.

Quite an interval, no?

Here’s what happened.

So if you were following my IG, my family and I tested negative in the antigen on January 4. We did the test because my sister wanted to demonstrate how to use the kit she sent us last Christmas.

Friday, January 7, hubby and I went to get our booster shot in Pasig Mega Parking. We were there for hours and with a lot of people. We really did our best to take care of ourselves — wore face masks, brought and applied alcohol from time to time — but then the following day, my throat started to get itchy. I started coughing. By the time we ended praying the rosary in the evening, my dad told me to take another test. On the test, two lines appeared. Hubby took the test as well and had the same result. We immediately isolated ourselves in our bedroom while the other members of the family had themselves tested. Eldest, who also started coughing that day tested positive. Bunso was negative. Hubby, Eldest, and I isolated on the second floor, which was our area of the house. That was Saturday, Day 0.

Day 1, Sunday. My dad contacted my cousin’s husband, who was a doctor, and he gave us medicines for cough, colds, and asthma, as well as vitamins to take. We were managing okay (I was a wreck in Day 0) when suddenly, Bunso had fever. My doctor cousin-in-law advised that she be isolated with us, which we did, even if she tested negative in the antigen. I called my daughters’ pediatrician to ask for advice, and she said that while Bunso may be negative in the antigen, she may already be positive because she was a close contact. Which is highly likely because she’s very close to me. So yeah, while managing my own health, I had to also look out for the others who were with me.

During Days 0 and 1, I kept calling our LGU COVID-19 hotline (#72744 in Pasig City), to no avail. Maybe because it was the weekend. So much for being 24/7. But I did call the Pasig Command Center and I was reassured by the lady on the other end of the line that my concerns will be attended to.

At the designated RT-PCR testing center

I was only contacted by the Pasig CESU by Day 2, Monday, January 10. The profiler asked a series of questions and had me fill out a monitoring form for the 4 of us plus our close contacts at home. She told us that she’d schedule us for an RT-PCR that week. We got a schedule by Friday, January 14, which was already 6 days since the antigen home test.

It was like a field trip of sorts for the kids — it was their first time out of the house in a very long time. In the testing center, there were quite a lot of people. Hubby and I were like, “dang, all of us here are most likely positive, ‘no?” Just goes to show that this variant really affected people fast and massively. Whoa.

Despite the number of people, the process wasn’t slow. After 30 minutes since arriving, we were about to be swabbed. Of course, I kinda worried how the kids would react, but Eldest somehow got over the fear almost immediately. “Mom, they’re playing K-Pop!” Thank you, whoever that idol group was, haha!

The throat and nose swabbing experience was jarring for me, though. It was such a weird feeling. But at least it was very quick.

All we had to do after that was give our forms for Philhealth processing. Yep, RT-PCR is covered by Philhealth, for you and your dependents. At least we didn’t have to cash out.

So since that was a Friday, we expected that our results will come on Monday (yeah, no work for them on weekends). True enough, we got our results on that day, which was already 9 days after our antigen home test. Technically, we would have completed the required isolation by the following day but well, profiler said that she’ll start the count from the day of the RT-PCR swab. Hmm, okay.

As expected, all 4 of us tested positive. The good news is that we were already experiencing very mild symptoms. Even Bunso — her fever lasted for only 3 days. We just had a bit of cough/throat irritation. No runny nose. Sense of taste and smell existent. I just easily got tired because I had to clean up and disinfect consistently. Since the symptoms were mild, it was just home quarantine for us.

COVID-19 ain’t stopping me from attending our alumnae homecoming. 🙂

While on quarantine, I had a few thoughts:

First, the LGU must be pretty overwhelmed with COVID and non-COVID cases. During our quarantine, our profiler only contacted me for a few times. Once we got the PCR results, I was the one proactively contacting her, LOL! Pretty sure she thought of me as a pesky patient, haha!

Second, I was told that in 10 days, if we’re not experiencing any symptoms, that means we’re already negative. I asked if we needed to do another PCR test to confirm and the profiler said no need. Uhm, okay. She’ll just give us clearance. Hmm. I wonder, shouldn’t we have another PCR test? Would having no symptoms be enough to say that we’re cleared? I guess Philhealth only allows for one PCR test in a year? I dunno.

Third, we didn’t get like a care package from the LGU. Or am I being demanding? Haha! I’m thankful that I’ve got family and relatives who were ready to give us a hand, in terms of sourcing meds and other important stuff, and of course some much-needed emotional support. If it wasn’t for them, I dunno what would have happened.

Fourth, speaking of emotions, I just want to say that whatever you feel during this time is valid. If you’re afraid and panicky, that’s fine. If you’re stressed, that’s fine. If you’re worried or angry, that’s okay, too. When in this kind of situation, you can’t expect everyone to feel the same way. So the important thing here is that you just let that person navigate their feelings at that moment. The calm will come soon enough if you give them the space and time to process it all.

So now, we’re nearing our last day of home quarantine since the PCR test. We’ll do an antigen home test again, just to be sure. But we’re not experiencing any symptoms. The kids are just utterly, utterly bored. I think we’re back to regular programming, for the most part.

To be honest, contracting COVID-19 was the scariest thing I’ve faced. I mean, we made sure we practiced all health and safety protocols and yet, here we are. I’m just glad and thankful that we got through it. For now, what we need to do is to continue our habit of cleaning and disinfecting every day, eating right, and exercising. And pray that this pandemic would end soon.

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