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“Mommy, sama ako sa office…”

“Mommy, uwi ka na…”

“Love mo ako, mommy?”

Lately, these words have been uttered by my daughter on a daily basis. And not just once a day, but x number of times a day.

It was only recently when she’d say these things, about a couple of months ago. I’m not sure, but I guess it has something to do with the new baby on the way.

When I learned that I was pregnant with my second child, hubby and I didn’t keep it a secret from her. In fact, we prepped her for the baby’s arrival. We’d explain that she’ll be a sister soon, even teaching her to talk to my tummy once in a while. We’d bring her to my trips to the OB-Gyne. Even the doctor would show her how the baby looks like in the portable ultrasound. And she’s already accustomed to the idea that she’ll be an ate soon. She made us stop calling her “baby” and instead told us that she is “ate.” She would look at my tummy and say “Hi, baby,” or ask questions like, “Gusto mo mag-ice skating?”

And then one time, a few months ago, during bedtime, my little girl asked me, “Love mo ako, mommy?” I’d reply, “Of course, I love you!” And she’d repeat the question. Again. And again. And again.

That same scenario. Everyday. And then more of those questions and pleas and kaartehan. She became more clingy. She’d text me everyday (through my mom or dad’s mobile) to come home in the middle of the work day. And ask when I’ll be absent from work or whether it’s Saturday or Sunday already.

Maybe she’s beginning to think that because she won’t be the baby of the house anymore, we’ll love her less. But of course, that’s not true.

She’ll forever be my baby, my first-born baby. And even with her kakulitan and bratty moments, I love her to bits. Always.

Of course, there will be times that I have to attend to the new baby’s needs. But I hope she will understand that she’s never less of a priority to me. To hubby and me. Because we’ll love her no matter what.

I know soon she’ll understand. Right now, I’ll just have to make her feel that she’s always loved. Because she is.

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