Zee’s pet peeves

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After a very serious post, I’m shifting the tone to something lighter.

I now know two things that Zee hates the most: cleaning her nose and changing her dirty nappies in public.

The nose-cleaning thing isn’t exactly new. When she was still a couple of months old, she didn’t react when we cleaned her nose with cotton buds wet with Salinase or with a damp cloth, just to remove her booger (which is almost as big as the average adult’s, surprisingly). Now, at five months, she’d cry loudly that, if you were the neighbor, you’d think we were beating her up.

The second pet peeve we didn’t know until yesterday. Hubby, Zee and I went to Megamall and St. Francis Square to enjoy the holiday. Early evening, after her feeding, she paused and said, “Ngh.” Now we knew that was nasty, so we went to The Podium where I knew there was a diaper changing table.

The 2nd floor restroom had quite a number of women lining up for the cubicles. I set Zee on the table, and the moment her head met the solid hard plastic, she cried — and didn’t stop until I finished changing her soiled nappies, which probably took three minutes because she kept crying and kicking.

Because of that episode, we may not be going to the said mall anytime soon.

I feel like a mean mom. But I am not, promise. She just complains loudly, is all.


  1. Liza

    LOL. this is such a sweet post. Zee seems to be becoming more and more vocal about things she like/dislike. 🙂

    12 years ago
    • moonchild117

      yep very vocal. and loud. hehe!

      12 years ago
  2. realmofadreamer

    This is cute. Who knows, she might grow up to be a conservative girl (she wouldn’t want to be seen naked or almost naked in public)… tee hee!

    12 years ago

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